Customer Wonders

What are the different payment options that I can use through Bonbell?

Bonbell provides different payment solutions for you at your favorite place; you can choose to pay cash, e-payment, Bonbell Wallet or even redeem your points. It also depends if the restaurant or café you are visiting supports electronic payment. Don’t worry, this is absolutely safe!.

Do I have to download the Bonbell App or create a user account to use it?

No, you don’t have to… Bonbell respects your choices! Our platform is browser-friendly so you can use it through the browser on your smartphone or even login as a guest on Bonbell App to make the smoothest and quickest order in your life. However, we recommend you download the App to make benefits of the free points of your order. It is surprising what you can do with those points, you don’t want to miss this!.

Where can I find Bonbell?

Not only at restaurants, but also sports clubs, cinemas, malls, hotels, resorts, universities and coorperates and other hubs.