Wait no more for someone to pick up your order !

Bonbell values your precious time; Scan the QR code on your table and place your order as fast as your dreams.

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Dont feel uncomfortable asking about your meal ingredients or have special requests.

Bonbell grants you a private and customized food experience made only for your personal preferences. Scan the QR code on your table and revolve in your own orbit.

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Splitting the bill with your friends is no longer a hassle.

Just enjoy your time with your friends and Bonbell will do it for you! Scan the QR code on your table and pay only for your slice of pizza.

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Touching virus-infected surfaces increases the probability of infection with almost 33%.

Bonbell keeps you safe and provides a totally contactless food experience for your health. Scan the QR code on your table, navigate the digital menu, order and pay with 0% contact.

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Done with dinner and can’t find your wallet? Or don’t want to leave your child with cash?

Bonbell is your savior! Scan the QR code on your table and send your bill to a trustworthy to pay for you.

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About Bonbell

Bonbell is the first full-fledged food ordering platform which provides contactless and convenient food experience. The user can navigate a digital dynamic menu, place the order and easily pay the bill with multiple options.

Dine-in Experience

Scan the QR code on the table when you visit your favorite restaurant or cafe, open the interactive menu to make your choices with no interruptions, when you feel ready to check out just check your bill and select how you would like to pay.

As simple as that.

Takeaway & Delivery

Bonbell grants you the fastest digital food ordering experience. You can make your order remotely and choose whether to pick it up yourself or get it delivered to your door step. Moreover, you can define when to receive your order according to your time preference.

Reservation & Preorder

Bonbell is designed to ensure a seamless and convenient dining experience for you. You can easily book your table at your favorite place to ensure it is available for you and place any special arrangements needed for you or your guests as well. No more waiting lists … Enjoy VIP dining !

  • Dynamic menu

    Explore the interactive dynamic menu of your favorite place. It is a digital waiter for your table. You will find full details about menu items; ingredients, price, size and extras.

  • Smart items recommendation

    Bonbell's smart technology allows you to add your preferable items as recommended pop ups for clients.

  • Call the waiter/Clean my table

    Hoover the floating button on Bonbell App and press call the waiter if you needed a waiter to come to you or need a table cleaning.

  • Real time tracking

    You can track your meal preparation steps, the time it takes and the delivery time.

  • Different payment options

    Not only paying your bill in cash or e-payment cards, but also use Bonbell wallet or redeem your points to pay. Redeeming your points can get you special discounts or even free meals.

  • Split the bill

    Pay only for what you eat! You can choose to share the cost of a pizza slice with a certain friend. Splitting the check during dining out have never been easier!

  • Divert your bill

    Pass your bill to someone trustworthy to pay for you remotely. Helping you support your loved ones when they don’t have sufficient cash or to keep a child more safe.

  • Customer rating per order

    Customers can give detailed feedback about their order and rating.


Open Bonbell app

Choose your preferred ordering method

How Bonbell Works

3 steps to complete your journey


Checkout and payment

Share, divert or Pay the way you like


Check menu and place order

Confirm your order

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